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from today til Saturday i might be a little busy.

today i plan on going to buy tickets for this:

after buying those i’ll go to pick up Alex at her house and proceed to go to Rio [Rio Piedras] and have a few drinks to start celebrating J’s birthday which is tomorrow.

tomorrow, i still dont know what to do, other from giving J his birthday gift which i finally have in my possession. i think he knows what it is, but i seriously doubt it. and to also give him his other gift which he already knows about, which is the ticket for the event on Saturday.

tomorrow he said he’ll throw a party at his house, so i guess those will be the plans for the evening.

after, on Saturday, we decided to take the day off and sleep so we have sufficient energy for the epic party at night, at the Glowstep.

on Sunday i plan to sleep the whole day and do nothing at all. i know i’ll be exhausted from the Glowstep so i’ll sleep in and post pictures of how those days went :)

so hopefully i dont loose my mind these days. i dont plan on drinking so much at all, since i dont have money, and last bit i have are for the tickets.

3 days of partying.. we’ll see how this goes.